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Dear Hannah Keeley Team,

God has used you guys in a very big way! Before starting the MMU 90 day challenge I was hesitating over the initial fee to enroll. I knew that my life needed some fine tuning. After enrolling in MMU I started seeing the changes in the dynamic of my family. I have completed your programs before, and each one has been instrumental in changing how I run my house, take care of myself, and relate to the members of my family.

The most significant change was how I view my job. I was talking to another Mom about the trip I was taking to Atlanta, Georgia for the Mom Mastery Live event. She was surprised that I was going since we live in Canada, and it is over thirteen hundred kilometers away. I do not know what that is in miles, but it works out to almost fourteen hours of driving without stopping. I said without thinking that my career as Mom deserves the investment and that we would not hesitate to spend the same amount of time or money to invest in my husband's career. She said, "You just called being a Mom a career. That is very cool" I thought about it, and I realized that the most significant change in my life had happened on a subconscious level.

Being a Mom, full time all the time, is super important. If I am not too distracted by media, jobs outside of the home, and all the other time wasters available to us in this age of right now, I can focus on what my family is reading, eating, and how their lives are unfolding with a long term view. The courses offered at Mom Mastery University rival any I ever attended at the university where I obtained my electrical engineering degree.

Thank you to everyone at MMU who work so hard to make these course available.


Jasmine Boyle

Jasmine Boyle Mom. and wife from Canada
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I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for Hannah, MMU and the 90 day challenge. Three months ago, I was standing at my washing machine, putting in the fourth load for the day with tears rolling down my face asking God how I was supposed to do all that He called me to do when I felt so drained by the demands of being a wife, mom and homemaker. Hannah helped me to see the areas in my life that needed work and how to squeeze every ounce out of each beautiful day. Each class, faith training and coaching session pushed me to see my value as a daughter of the King, wife to an amazing man and mom to four awesome kids. This momma is running her race with joy, in her lane and cheering on all the other moms in their race. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Bethany Ledesma

Bethany Ledesma Wife, Mom, and homemaker from Texas
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It's hard to describe how valuable MMU has been to me and just a few sentences, but I'll try. Our family has been plagued with strife for far too long. I knew how I wanted my family to be but really didn't know how to go about it. Let's just say I had the toolbox but it sat empty, or only partially filled, for years. MMU gave me the practical and applicable tools I needed to fill it. Best therapy EVER!!!
After applying these practical and applicable tools for the past three months along with parallel prayer I can already see fruit. Why just last night my two oldest (14 and12) were able to sit next to each other at Denny's and NO ONE was ready to wring their necks when we left!! (.... imagine my surprise when I realized I was the source of much of the problem...)
Love you all so much,
Sincerely, Lori Graham 😃

Lori Graham Washington Mom
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Finding Hannah Keeley may have saved my life. Six months ago, I was so broken and lost. I couldn’t keep the bills paid, the house was cluttered and stacked in every room. I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning, I didn’t want to spend time with my family. I was so overwhelmed with the bad things in my life, and the person that I had become. There was no joy left in me. Some nights I would just drink a bottle of wine and try to become numb to the sadness and anxiety. I wanted to walk away from my family because I didn’t want them to remember me as the person I had become, I felt like an ugly and useless person. I just didn’t want to be here anymore because I was so tired and felt so worthless. And then I found Hannah’s programs. It was like the sun breaking through the clouds!! I listened to the lessons over and over. Each day gave me hope, reminded me that I was important, that I was strong enough to get through this, by starting one step at a time. Each lesson gave me a small project to work on, something actually “do-able” so that I could see progress instead of trying to climb a mountain all at once. It also reminded me that I needed to find my faith again, something that I had forgotten in all of my struggles. My family watched in amazement as I became a whole person again. I found a positive attitude, started taking back my home and finances, finding peace instead of constant anxiety, pushing away that dark cloud that had been over our home for so long. Everyone has seen the change. Although I was a little concerned at the cost as I began the program, after my husband saw the difference it made in all of our lives, he told me that what it had done for me was worth any amount of money. I believe that is true!

Bonita (Bonnie) Cousins Vandergrift, PA(Mom of 9)
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MMU has been an absolute Godsend in my life and Hannah Keeley possibly the biggest influence in my faith life and life as a mum. Living here in Sydney, Australia I didn't know if it would work for me, but it's been truly life changing. From simple changes to BIG changes. Simple ones, instead of getting up when the kids got up and dragging myself out of bed I have been getting up at 5:30 and making my bed EVERYDAY and this morning I rose at 4:50 and put on gym gear and went for a walk / jog in the pitch black freezing cold with a head lamp on and it was amazing. Felt like it was just me and God, nothing else mattered or existed. You are inspiring me so much to live more each day. My gratitude to you is overflowing. I am listening to one of your talks daily, over and over and learn something new each day, I am hearing the Holy Spirit's prompting in new and wonderful ways, I am feeling the joy everyday and am no longer taking antidepressants and I just feel revived. Like that motherhood is to be enjoyed. It's tough, it's grueling at times but we are blessed beyond measure and God has entrusted us to live to the full and Hannah will help you navigate that. I ummmmed and ahhhhhed if I could afford the 90-day mom challenge just as you may, but it is the best investment I have ever made in myself. I am telling anyone here is Australia who will listen. Love this ministry!

Nicole Todd Martin Sydney, Australia(Mom of 5)
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Every time I think I have heard my favorite coaching session, the next one is even better! The coaching call this morning was God timed for me, it delivered faith revival! Thank you Hannah for bringing the rainbow to my Friday morning!

Brie Reitz Chicago, IL( Mom of 2)
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Didn’t “feel” like planting flowers, walking uphill with the baby stroller, making cookies, making something for dinner tonight that my husband will love but takes extra effort,having my son do the grammar section that takes more time for me, or doing the 4 loads of laundry. I could have listened to the lies and gotten out of all of it and nobody would have said a word. But I did it all because of believing God and not the massive amount of junk that is in my head sometimes saying, “why bother or that it will be too hard.” Not true! Thanks be to God who is always good and always true! I am so thankful for this group!!!

Katherine Pratl Shumaker Troutman,NC(Mom of2)
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When I first started the 90 Day Mom Challenge, I wasn't feeling motivated at all because I felt like I keep failing every time I try to change. But I took the plunge anyway because what I was doing wasn't working. And I'm talking everything from keeping an organized home to losing weight to getting control of my finances. This is literally my last week of my challenge and my life has changed so much. And what's crazy is that my feelings haven't changed, but the tools I use to combat those feelings have. Hannah gave me so many practical helps on how to change my life and if I wait till I feel like it, it will never happen. And what's even more amazing is there are so many mamas in MMU who are going through the same pain as you and the support is never ending. My life is forever changed and I am ready to live the life I was meant to.

Tiffany Cooks (Mom of 1)
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I just want to say that before I joined, I would listen to some of the videos and wonder if this is really as good as it sounds, if Hannah is really that positive and caring as her videos sound, or if this is just a lot of hype like a lot of other things in today's world. So I waited to buy anything. Then I visited at the Mom Mastery convention weekend in January and met Hannah in person, and found her to be completely genuine and concerned about the people she is teaching and coaching. Hannah is the real thing! Now that I've joined Mom Mastery, I don't feel like I'm going it alone anymore, and I find great encouragement and support and wisdom, especially in the coaching. Every time I listen, I get a great boost and decided I'm going to wake up and go to sleep to the coaching audios, because I want to feel this strength and freedom all of the time.

Francie Guilday Tampa. FL( Mom of 4)
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My decision to do the 90-day Mom Challenge came after months of searching for ways to help myself feel less overwhelmed, enjoy my life again, and start being a fun mom. I finally felt like I had my life under control and was making good progress so doubted the 90-day Mom Challenge would be worth the cost. But in the challenge invite, Hannah had said that this could be our opportunity for God to make our lives even better and bless us like crazy. So I decided to try it and am so thankful I did! My 3 year olds daycare told me that the last few weeks he had been a completely different boy - so polite, sweet with the little ones & a good helper (unprompted). She said to keep up whatever we'd been doing. This was only 3 weeks into the 90-day Mom Challenge. It has changed my life & apparently my kids lives too! I thank God every day for leading me to Mom Mastery University & Hannah’s amazing training!!!

Jill Gockel Missouri( Mom of 1)
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My life was disorganized and I had no motivation or knowledge of how to keep a clean, decluttered house. I resented my role as the home manager and saw it as a burden. My life has completely changed since I began taking advantage of Hannah Keeleys resources. I now find joy in cleaning my house, whereas before I was resentful. I knew this was God working through me that had done this, it's not me, because its so unlike me to do this! Now that Christ has begun a good work in me, I feel like a new woman because I am joyfully serving our family and most importantly, serving Christ by managing our home more effectively. I just praise God for your ministry because God led me to you at the perfect time. I was ready to receive this "shot in the arm." I now have the confidence and the tools to be a mom of two, and i am daily depending on God to finish the good work He has begun in me. Thank you, thank you Hannah!!! You are an anointed woman of God! Thank you for letting Him use you in such a powerful way. Don't stop!

Gianna Snell Harvest, AL (mom of 2)
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Last fall, things started falling apart. We had several major challenges within my family. A lot of my progress reversed. (I admit, I quit doing a lot of the things I learned in your programs.) I was feeling frustrated and lost again. I thought about seeing a therapist, but I'd seen several over the years and that hasn't worked. Then God said "Hey, I love you and I know what will help." and the opportunity to join MMU came up. I thought about it for a while because I wasn't sure we could afford it. Then God reminded me that my career as a mother deserves regular skill building, just like I did with my paid career before becoming a mother. Also, He reminded me that $39/month is less the copay to go see a therapist. (MMU is more effective than any therapist I've ever seen.) Hannah, Thank you! Thank you for listening to God. Thank you for sharing His words and strength and knowledge with us. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family! I love you more than I can say and I thank God for blessing my life with you!

Zelmarie Madsen Salt Lake City, Utah (mom of 4)
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Mom Mastery University is an AMAZING program! It has truly changed my life!!! The workshops with the lesson guides really help you to remember catch phrases that have echoed through my mind during the days and weeks after listening. Before I joined, I thought I was doing alright managing my life...until my son asked me what my laugh sounded like because he had forgotten as he hadn't heard it in so long. We haven't had any great tragedies or issues that would 'take my laugh away', I had just gotten so sucked into the day-to-day, that the important things in life had been lost and buried. MMU has been SO encouraging and has totally turned my priorities around! Yes, there is more dirt on the floor, but now, I helped put it there. My 2 children come to ask me to play again (I hadn't realized, but they had stopped because I always said no.) I also am extending grace to my family members now more than ever. I have realized it's not worth berating my children or my husband for the little things they forget or do that irritate me. Their self-worth is so much more important than yelling over dirty socks on the floor. These 2 concepts are only the tip of the iceberg from what I have learned from MMU! I look forward to continuing my education and becoming all that God has planned for me and my family!!! Thank you Hannah!

Rochelle Montandon Denton, TX (mom of 2)
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What a huge blessing the MMU has been to me! As I’ve listened to the courses, I have been so encouraged and inspired by the speakers who are experts in their fields and on the topics on which they speak. The courses are relevant to women, wives, and mothers of every age and stage. Listening to these speakers has given me much needed fresh perspectives on myself and my life as well as practical ways to use the information. I’ve even had a few “Ah-ha!” moments where God has really ministered to my heart and spirit as I’ve worked through the courses. This experience has left me feeling hopeful that I really can be the best me possible. I’m implementing the action steps now, and I look forward to experiencing the fruit of these efforts. I would recommend MMU to everyone!

Hannah Tiegreen Atlanta, GA (mom of 3 sons)
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When I saw Hannah's call out to moms about her Moms Mastery University, I felt God tap me on the shoulder and say, "You NEED this." I am blown away at what Hannah and her team have put together. When I first saw the list of speakers and topics, my pulse quickened. For real! I couldn't wait to hear what they had to share. What I love about the content is the conversational approach. I feel like I am in the room with Hannah and her guest. I have laughed out loud and been brought to tears. There is something for every mom in every facet of our busy lives. THANK YOU HANNAH. I like that you can work at your own pace and also listen to the speakers on your phone. It's convenient. It's fun. It's applicable. It's made me feel like I can be the best wife and mom God has called me to be.

Vanessa Wright Aldie, VA (mom of three)