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It's not about being "better." That's a struggle, and we're so over that. We Mom Different.

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"Realize your potential, access your greatness, and level up in life."

I'm Hannah Keeley, the founder of Mom Mastery University, and I couldn't be happier that you're here. By the way, luck has nothing to do why you're here. I believe you were led here for a purpose that you may not even realize yet.

I also believe that God created you for greatness and it's time for you to reach your next level. Moms are powerful. And moms who are filled with the power of God can achieve the impossible. It's not about being "better." That's a struggle, and we're so over that.

We mom different.

The way we raise our kids, manage ourselves, build our careers, grow our wealth—it's different. We're different.

You're here for a reason. Join me and let's get started creating that life you've always dreamed of. It's all right here inside Mom Mastery University.

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How It Works

  • 1 Apply for admission inside Mom Mastery University. Find out if you're a good fit!
  • 2 Choose your subject major for your first 12-Week Master Track semester.
  • 3 Listen to coaching sessions, practice habits, complete quizzes, and get rewards.
  • 4 Receive your Master Certification in that subject and keep growing.

Online University for Moms

Moms have a unique way of thinking and operating. Mom Mastery University understands this and has created learning methods to help moms master every area of their lives and get real world results.

We are so much more than learning. We're about transformation, community, and living the abundant life we were created for, without apologizing for our greatness.

Coaching Sessions

Each week during the 12-Week Master Track, you listen to two coaching sessions and complete a short quiz for each to accumulate credits and get "mom coins." Mom Coins can be used to unlock additional coaching sessions or redeemed at the MMU store for swag.

Coaching sessions are approximately 30 minutes each and are based on an incremental system that grows along with you.

Master Habits

Each 12-Week Master Track contains six Master Habits that are designed to match the major subject. Every two weeks, you practice doing a daily Master Habit, so that by the time you complete your Master Certification in that major subject, you will have also mastered the behavioral habits that are associated with it.

Daily practice of your Master Habits result in streaks that are rewarded with additional Mom Coins.

Live Coaching

MMU students get access to weekly live coaching with Hannah or a member of her certified, highly-trained team of coaches.

If you cannot attend the coaching live, it is made available to you inside the MMU site.

Let's Get Started

Master Certification

Mom Mastery University is based upon the six pillars of excellence:

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Neural Automation

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Moms have a unique way of thinking and operating. Mom Mastery University understands it and has designed learning to work with the mom brain and not against it. Inside MMU, we use a method called "neural automation" to help you put those behaviors you most want to incorporate into your life on auto-pilot. Mom Brain is real!

Scientific studies have shown that there are significant and long-lasting changes that occur in a woman's brain after she has children. This is NOT a bad thing! It's actually an evolutionary benefit to help us manage multiple variables that are simultaneously occurring in our lives.

We work with the way your brain works, and the results are phenomenal.

Awards and Achievements

As moms, we rarely reward ourselves. MMU takes care of that. Two of the six basic human needs are significance and growth. Unfortunately, moms often overlook these needs in their own lives.

Inside MMU, each step in your learning is celebrated. With each habit you master and each coaching session you complete, you get rewarded with "mom coins."

And with each accomplishment, comes a new level of reward. When you complete a 12-Week Master Track, you receive your Master Certification in that subject.

But that's not all—

We also send you a special charm to celebrate your achievement. Get your bracelet ready!


The MMU Formula

There's more "coaching" online than ever before. What makes MMU so different?

Our foundation!

All of the coaching and training inside of Mom Mastery University is based on a

foundation of faith. This isn't a "church" or "denomination" platform. We just realize the power in the Word of God to change lives and get results, which is why the Bible is the #1 best-selling personal development book of all time.

We use it, we get results, and we are 100% inclusive.

Just like God, MMU is open to all denominations, faiths, and viewpoints. You're welcome here.

We saved a place at the queen table just for you.

Faith Formula Foundation
Crest club

After completing your Master Certification in all six pillars, you get invited to join the exclusive "Crest Club." This circle of women is full of high achievers, just like you. Women who have proved they have what it takes.

You can spot them anywhere—just look for the satin turquoise jackets!

Your Network

Online and Off

Inside the Mom Mastery University website, you'll find our "Master Mom Locater." No matter where you go, you have a friend there waiting for you.

We have had Master Moms fly to Paris to stay with a fellow MMU mom or make a two-day road trip for a few days of fellowship.

This community of moms is priceless. It's like your "instant awesome friendship circle" just waiting for you inside. No matter where you are or where you go, there is a Master Mom close by.

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Mom's Night In

When you enroll, you can choose the VIP path. VIP students get access to our exclusive '"Mom's Night In."

Each month, VIP students tune in to take a deep dive with Hannah and get real, personal coaching on issues that pertain directly to their lives.

In addition, they get premier seating at our yearly conference, Mom Mastery XP, and a special invitation to attend the prestigious VIP Party!

Monthly Self Care Days!

You're a QUEEN. Treat yourself like it!

Mom1 Mom2 Mom3 Mom4 Mom5 Mom6

Moms are notorious for not devoting enough time for self care.

Inside Mom Mastery University, we take care of that.

Each month, we have a mandatory self care day for you to devote time to nothing but YOU. And, yes, we hold you accountable. You are required to pamper yourself.

Self Paced Learning


We're all moms, so we get it. All learning inside MMU is self-paced so you can work it in around your schedule.

The 12-Week Master Track may take longer than twelve weeks, and guess what—that is okay!

Life happens. We work with you because we're here for you.

Mom Swag

We're Extra and Proud of It


After you enroll, you get immediate access to the Mom Mastery University orientation video series. Watch each short video (there are four), answer a few multiple-choice questions, and we will send you the Mom Mastery University official T-Shirt (no charge, not even shipping—we're classy like that).

But these shirts were made to embellish. As you complete a Master Track for each pillar, you can color in the corresponding segment of the crest on your tee. Yeah, we're extra. And proud of it.

Inside Mom Mastery University, you will find a complete library of workshops and trainings.

Library phone

In fact, the vault contains over 300 of them! This is a value of over $7,500. As a student, you get open access to all of them. MMU is your one-stop shop for personal development.


Mentor bonus

Bonus 1: Your Own Personal Mentor ($347 value)

MMU supplies each student with a personal mentor who has been trained to encourage and support you in your journey. Not a chatbot or a telephone operator, a real live mom who wants nothing more than to see you succeed!

Did a Mentor refer you to MMU? Then that's your girl! You have 100% support inside Mom Mastery University.

Cfo bonus

Bonus #2: MOM CFO 10-Day Toolkit ($795 value)

Become the Chief Financial Officer of your life! This 10-Day toolkit walks your through a step-by-step program on how to manage your money like a queen. You were meant to rule over your money and multiply it.

The MOM CFO 10-Day Toolkit is your complete resource in making that happen. Nothing complicated or confusing—just the hidden principles on creating real lasting wealth and freedom.

The program contains daily videos, templates, worksheets, and complete money tools to make you the Chief Financial Officer that God created you to be.

Master Subscription

What you'll get

  • 12-Week Master Track in chosen major — $1,997
  • MMU app with neural automation — $200
  • Live coaching each Friday — $1,500
  • #1 Personal Mentor — $347
  • #2 MOM CFO 10-day toolkit — $795

Total value — $5,836


per month

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VIP Membership

What you'll get

  • MMU app with neural automation — $200
  • Live coaching each Friday — $1,500
  • #1 Personal Mentor — $347
  • #2 MOM CFO 10-day toolkit — $795
  • Monthly "Mom's Night In" — $500
  • VIP seating at Mom Mastery XP — $1,497
  • VIP party at Mom Mastery XP — $500
  • Early access to all premier programs — priceless

Total value — $8,336


per month

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Guaranteed Results

You know all that legal jargon in online programs that basically says, "we cannot guarantee results?" Not here. We 100% guarantee your results when you get plugged in to Mom Mastery University. In fact, try it out for 30 days. If you don't get results, show us your work and get your money back. That simple. But you've got to do the work. Fair? (Try that at your local gym!)

About Hannah

Hannah was a struggling mom and therapist until she decided to pour her energy into researching the mom brain and discover solutions that get real results for moms.

These discoveries led to her being featured in the Wall Street Journal, on Today show, Fox, and several appearances on Rachael Ray. Hannah is a board-certified life coach, NLP practitioner, and America's #1 Mom Coach.

She is also the founder of Mom Mastery University, Faith Coach Academy, and the host of the PBS reality series, "Hannah, Help Me!"

Oh, and she's a proud mom of seven, crazy Jesus freak, and adrenaline junkie.